Saturday, January 13, 2001

Friday the 12th (so close!)

A friend of mine who read the magazine at the convenience store this morning already told me "You're caught just too much! (lol)"! I told the staff people about it, and they told me "It's the photographer who paparazzied you too much, not that Hikaru was caught too much!" From my childhood I've always been watching my mom getting various kinds of press, and now I understand how she felt like. By the way when I was reading some articles on the internet, I found one of them telling "It's not uncommon to hear about Utada's boyfriends" that made me like "OMG, are you serious??"! I didn't know I was a femme fatale~☆ Oh my I've got such a wrong idea! (lol) Well, I was just being "17 years old girl," that's about it.

At least you'll be relieved to see me hanging around on my rare off day, that's just another cute story, huh? Just one thing that made me surprised, though, that they wrote like I was hanging around almost everyday, while I'm scheduled to do recording or songwriting or shooting everyday except 24th, 25th of December and the first two days of the new year, and I've been working from the next day I arrived back in Tokyo! Lately I've been working than ever, so that made me a little sad, rather than shocked. FRIDAY-san teases me. Oh, yes! I was able to watch Kōhaku in the studio last year!! We were watching the images of "孫(grandchild, the song name)" while making a super rock taste song. (lol) Some time ago I got a lot of emails worrying about me like "Hikaru-chan, I heard NHK staff people are angry at you! Are you all right?", but seriously, don't you think NHK people wouldn't make such childish speeches?? I wanna believe it would be either misunderstanding or some adaptations. 'Cause, it's something like I say "Why don't you guys buy my CDs when you got some money!" (lol) Nobody who's working seriously would say such a thing!

At first I couldn't decide which way to go when the staff people suggested me "Why don't you do the recording during the winter vacation in Japan, not in NY? The album will be wrapped up much earlier if you do both song arranging and recording in Japan simultaneously!" at the last moment of my year-end/new-year scheduling. For me, being in Japan in New Year's holidays means I cannot go out too often, right? BUT! I shouldn't be saying things like that! I thought wrapping up the album would be more important, so I replied OK. If I could've spent very quiet days in Tokyo without being noticed when coming back that would be the best, though. Put bluntly, I couldn't ask my Japanese stall to fly over NY in New Year holidays, ripping them off from their family! I'm such a chicken-hearted girl~! (lol)

But it was good I decided to do the recording in Japan, after all. I love Tokyo. The other day, I visited my alma mater in Chofu with a couple of my former classmates when I had some free time in the afternoon! It was a quite impressive experience. I'll write about that day at a later time since this has got too long this time. Stay tuned!