Wednesday, January 17, 2001

A homecoming

Thank you for waiting! Here is Utada, update here to espape from reality due to getting stuck in a dead end of writing lyrics for a ballad!
o(≧▽≦)o Yeaaahh! Here we gooooooo!

For me there's something wrong with just using the words "alma mater"! I find myself, who expresses my senior high I went to till the last year that way, quite strange. I again realized I'm now a college student. I commuted to Chofu every morning in the past, but when I was on the way to the senior high by car, those every single scene I saw through the window for the first time in a long while made me so nostalgic, and I went into a weepy mode though I hadn't even arrived yet! I joined together with my friends at the entrance gate, went into the school building then found the inside view was just same as before - while we changed a lot just in half a year! Hmmm, changes in the environment might be a biggest change for human beings!

Oh, but then again, I found my junior fellow guys fairly changed. All of them had grown up. It's not so easy to perceive like growing pains of a childhood, but there's this moment of time you feel the change of yourself sometimes when you're at this age, right? This homecoming thing was exactly the moment for me, madam! I wanna keep growing up keeping the speed even after I've grown up~! But how should I do if I age fast? (lol) I got a food ticked from the vending machii~ine in front of the cafeteria, and the 600yen lunch I had after a long time tasted somehow more yummy than before! The cafeteria woman suddenly told me "Oh you have blossomed. Did you have a facelift?" which made me surprised! (lol) That magnificent Japanese woman power is just awesome. Am I gonna be like her when I get older??

The teachers who helped me a lot didn't change much, but what made me so happy was that I had a feeling I could talk with them on the same level of sight lines!! I talked with the headmaster about my recent works and such, and the headmaster told me "Let me know as soon as you release a new CD and so on! We're airing your songs in the school quite a few times~!" It was a day that my heart, exhausted by the very dry air in the studio, soaked in the warmth☆

Oooh, what a nice story! If only I didn't say it myself! (lol)
Maybe I'll pay a visit there again in the meantime♪