Wednesday, January 10, 2001

"Long-time-no-see people, hands up!" "Here!"

For the first time in this century . . . now this phrase has already been worn out and its freshness has been lost, and here I am! Here's my newest message, for the first time in this century! Yaaaay!
(o^∇^o)ノ A happy happy new year-! I checked my email after a long time and found one with this subject name from a friend of mine I haven't seen lately, and this fits perfectly with my current feeling. So I took it for the title of today's message! Tada-♪

Sorry for not updating here for a looooong time!! My excuse is, that I feel tired as I've been packed in the studio almost everyday. I haven't got a dose of sunlight of 21st century much yet . . . I wanna hang around in the park leaving both my ke-tai and purse in my home ! ! ! ! Hmmm, well I won't do that actually, 'cause it's too chilly (lol)

Oh yes yes, I was surprised to get a lot of your impressions like "You look kinda Yamaguchi Momoe san!" about my new photo on the site top. I have no idea what her images and such were like since I don't know her in real time at all. I asked my staff and learned that there existed a look-alike photo indeed!! Maybe I'm possessed by her as I trained her "Play Back Part 2" that hard for the tour . . . hey hey, she's sound and alive!! (lol) Whew, it's a great honor for me to be said I look a little like Momoe-san☆

Did you check "HERO" already?? I went straight to watch it! I'm type of the person who seldom watches dramas even in Japan unless on a special occasion (like my song is features as a theme song(lol)) and I have no idea about what drama is good or bad, but I thought this one interesting, by instinct. I was watching it just so normally that I had totally forgotten that my song was featured, and I got so surprised to hear my voice sung almost a cappella all of a sudden in the ending! It felt kinda strange~! I'm neither a prosecutor nor male, and I've never brought that large number of apples with me, but I sympathized with the main character guy a little. (You can easily tell that I haven't remembered the character's name yet, huh? (lol) I'm poor at remembering new people's name and such~) It's probably because I myself dived into Japanese entertainment industry in a T-shirt and jeans so to speak when I debuted, so I was kinda out of place. More than anything else, I sympathized with the word on the T-shirt of the main character guy, "S O N G W R I T E R"! (lol)

Ooooh that reminds me, I've gotta wrap up the song in a hurry~!!