Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video viewing manual "Kuma's pot"

Bonjour “(`(エ)´)ノ彡☆!!

Almost all the movies at my YouTube official channel ( ) were taken down "due to a copyright claim" and whatnot, but they've come back this morning!

Well I said almost all, because,

There was this movie called "Kuma Chang's office visit," the hero who only remained intact and survived this disaster while all the other videos at my channel were temporarily gone - and who doubled its total number of views taking this opportunity. Here I would like to tell you a couple of points which will let you enjoy watching it more!

So let's start it here!

~the movie "Kuma Chang's office visit" viewing manual~

☆Number One

The staff staying around Kuma Chang keeping some distance from him wearing an anxious expression, as well as the sense of tension all around
(It's Chie-chan of our u3music who is staying closest to him and saying something from time to time)

☆Number Two

The patheticness of being edited and fast-forwarded in spots due to his ultra-slowness of walking in spite of his dead run, which is caused by the lack in the mobility since it's design-centric

☆Number Three

The patheticness of not being noticed quickly by the people at from 0:56 through 0:60

☆Number Four

Me who's deadly sweating in the suit, having thin oxygen with almost no sight, feeling the crisis of life, contrary to the relaxed atmosphere - seriously (FYI, I can't get out of this suit by myself, which means I'll be dead for real if left alone . . . )

☆Number Five

The secretary lady in front of the president room in the end . . . she's watching him with an amazed look isn't she?

☆Number Six

You have no idea what Kuma Chang's intention is throughout the entire video

That's the end! of the movie viewing manual "Kuma Chang's pot."
I hope you will enjoy watching "Kuma Chang's office visit" . . .

Here is the direct address to the movie by the way:

Alright see you next week! (j/k)