Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Release of the PV for my new song! and such . . . so much news here!

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The new PV for my new song, Goodby Happiness is now available to watch on youtube~! You know what, it's the very first video directed by me. I did my best for everything, from putting out ideas to storyboarding!

You can watch it at the address below. Along with all other past videos! Wow! Awesomeness!

You know, it might look like I've been ignoring this site since I started twitter. So sorry for you guys checking here!

Lately so much news, or should I better call it information (release of my new album, chaku-uta release of first single from the album, start of accepting ticket inquiries for my concert and such) keeps coming in in waves, and honestly I myself can't keep up with it(;・`ω・´)

Hikki's Website at EMI always moves fast and upload such information real quick while nothing appears here on u3music site . . . which I find not very good! So I asked some repair works for this site to make it easier to check news for you who's checking only this site.

I mean, a pop-up window that shows the links to my twitter page and special site of my Yokohama Arena concerts in December, as well as news and information should appear soon when accessing this site.

You may say it's too late(lo) but during this time where lots of information are buzzing I say it's -

- better late than never!

Isn't it?

On another note, I think the good thing about twitter is that you can see every tweet and image even without registration! So please click the links that you will see at around the top area of this site starting tomorrow if you have some time to spare for it (*´(エ)`)
The newest ones are shown at the top, so you may find it easier to check to scroll down first and read from the bottom…

It's getting colder and colder in Tokyo day by day! Be careful not to catch cold, take good care of yourself ´◡`

Girls, don't let your belly get cold!