Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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Of myself ! !

Sorry for starting this message with such a personal thing, for the first time in a long long while ! ! Utada Hikaru is here, I'm back !

Today I turned 27 years old~ *sounds a fanfare*

Thank you for your words and best wishes.

I'm right in the middle of North America (+London) tour - well it's just started, to be exact!

We kicked it off on the 15th in Honolulu, Hawaii - which was my first concert performance in three years and a half, to my surprise! I was like "Jeez I have no idea what's gonna happen" but things went all right with no troubles, well it was a huge success I'd say, and I was able to say "Bye bye, good night, thank you very much" at the end.

I've got a lot of fans in Hawaii and I'm glad everyone (including people from outside Hawaii) was welcomed me very kindly and warmly~.

I'm happy receiving lots of fan mails saying "I'm so pleased" but you know, it's just started! Lots of things need to be improved.

We're gonna raise its perfection level gradually toward the final show in London, but anyway I'm so happy cause I tasted that 'wild' excitement after a long time! That elation you can feel at the first song.

What makes it so special this time - is not that I'm doing it in the US, but - I'm dreamed this for a long time….

…This time it's a club tour !

I perform in clubs with capacities ranging from 800 to 1500 persons. Which is like one-tenth of venues I've performed in for arena tours I guess.

It looke somewhat like my enthusiastic fans were all packed in a small space and that made me feel an unusual heat. Perhaps it was the realization of an ideal life show form, something that provieds a cozy environment for hardcore fans.

In the Honolulu show the venue was so crowded, crammed with people, as we had audiences beyond capacity. (^^;) Watching audiences from up on the stage first I thought "Hmm looks like they're not getting it on that much …??" but soon I noticed they were so packed that they were stuck, almost unable to move to dance . . .

Thank you for you guys who came to the show from Japan, too!

So. Tomorrow on the 19th (it's already the 20th in Japan time) I'm gonna perform in LA. My very first Birth Day Live~! I wonder if staff or my band members are preparing any weird surprise for me . . . (lol)

It makes me kinda blush, to hold a show on my birthday.

By the way . . . sorry that I have kept you waiting here for a long time!

I never thought that vivid-colored drawing, with that mysterious man with such unhealthy look in the face would remain here for such a long time.
M, my apologies . . .

Alright I gotta write an English message later! Or maybe I can write it tomorrow morning . . .