Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Senior high student

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

This is a picture I drew a long time ago.

Most of the pictures I drew at that time look kinda depressing and dark, so maybe I dare not upload them here but some that look like this. lol

What led me to write the previous message all of a sudden was a woman's email that was asking me for advise on that sort of matter, which made me feel like responding to it somehow.

Well about what my parents said - "we had no choice but give birth to you" - maybe I should've been clearer on that. I mean, some time ago I asked my mom "What made you decide to have a baby?" and she was like "I thought Teruzane would've been saddened (if I aborted you)," so that's why I ended up in that way. (^-^;)

I thought it's okay, as most of the people were born in fate's hands I believe.

By the way I forgot what kind of musical instrument I drew. Or maybe I gave the description a tweak so that it fit the look I wanted to draw. Is it a trumpet, horn or something like that? Someone who can tell what it is, please let me know lol