Saturday, November 08, 2008


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('o' )

What the heck is this!

I didn't notice it till now as I was in a long-sleeved pajama top, and I rolled my sleeves up to wash dishes then what I saw was . . .

What the heck is this, seriously! At first I thought they might be some kind of eczema but when I touched them I learned . . . they surely were bruises . . . It hurt bad!

Again I can't imagine any other reason of causing this but someone's grasping my arm hard with five fingers . . . This isn't too good, is it?
((((  ;*m*)))
And on top of that my fingers again fit the bruises perfectly . . . so was it me who did it, yet again?!

Both of my parents have a tendency to bruise easily so I'm used to having bruises all around my body and I'm not surprised usually, but this is really like
W, what happened??
o(- . - o)

This surprised me . . . . well this is still surprising me, actually (lol)

That's odd, I think I didn't have any nightmares last night
Hmmmm (-_-;)