Thursday, November 06, 2008


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Today I had my hair cut before the meeting in the office! I was a little late for the meeting which kept all waiting (*sweats*) Sorry all.

Can you see I had my hair cut? My bangs look heavy now! I wanted it to have an autumn-ish mood.

This might be the first time I made my bangs look this heavy. I think I'm liking it.

Oh, by the way - you see I put a ring on my wedding finger, but that doesn't mean I got married. (lol)

I put on a septuple ring and triple ring of Cartier given by my mom. They fit perfectly on my wedding finger and little finger. I put on them on my left hand as they'd bother me when writing and such if I put on them on my right hand.

She gave it to me when I was a little kid - don't remember how old I was at that time. I wonder why she gave them to me. (lol)

Lately I thought I've reached the age when I look nice with these things. I wear them almost everyday. They're so beautiful. I'm glad I've cherished them for a long time till now ~!