Wednesday, October 29, 2008


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

OK I'll talk about some oyaji gags.

The other day this kid challenged me like "Hey, can you tell me any oyaji gag~?" and well, come to think of it, all that came to my mind was this - "Futon ga futtonda (the futon flew)" - but

"Like, 'Futon ga futtonda' and such~!"

The kid said it first, which made me feel so frustrated.

I was completely defeated, cause all other gags I was able to think up then and there was "Examine your zipper(a Japanese pun of 'chakra' and 'chuck(zipper)') :slumps down:

I mean, it seemed like the kid had no idea what I meant. (It's like, the kid didn't know what 'chakra' was ... )

Damn, I always wrote all the jokes and gags down in my notebook whenever they came up on my mind when I was a child, for rubbing them up, but these days I have such a small repertoire of them :slumps down:

I was beaten :slumps down:

By the way, look at these bruises.

I always have bruises.

Huh?!! How come I got this bruise here?? Since when?! I mean, I just can't crash such a part on anywhere, can I!?

That way, I often have bruises that I have no idea where I got them, on my legs, thighs, arms and such.

These bruises on my arm, very much look like the ones you get when someone grabs and squeezes your arm hard, but I don't think someone did such things to me nor I know how come I've got these bruises . . .

This looks like an evidence photo of a woman who suffered abuse . . .

Have I got weak blood vessels? ( ; _ ; )

I wanna make my blood vessels strong ! ! *prays hard* Be strong, my blood vessels!

I'll see if I could change them by dietary change ( ; _ ; )