Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dream VS Dream

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

After I wrote a message this morning, I further wondered which one to watch, this Beautiful Dreamer or KAFKA, and ended up watching KAFKA.

First I thought of watching Naushika and reached KAFKA . . . about 85 percent of my life goes like this(._. )

Today I was surprised as the studio was decorated for Christmas! A cute Christmas tree and beautiful wreath were flickering. It's about the season of them, come to think of it~.

Every time I see a Christmas tree I remember the memory that the tree had been in the room of my NY home for more than 2 years when I was an elementary school student.

It was too much of a bother to put something that you beautifully decorated away and later decorate it again, and we thought it would not be bad just to leave it since it was beautiful, and 2 or 3 years had passed before we knew it.

It wasn't in the way at all as it was not a big one, and looked quite pop as it got pink lights on white plastic branches! Yes that's right! My family is not freaky I believe! (T o T)

People always got surprised when they came to my house, as it was placed in the entrance.(lol) Like, the delivery guys or my friends.

It was always flickering in a corner of my home, which I loved. It always looked beautiful at night.

It was very impressive for me as a child.

That's a wrap.