Friday, December 14, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

LyricsLyricsLyricsLyricsLyrics----- ! ! !

Maybe I could do a lyrics dance, instead of rain dance- ! !

Seems like people were excited by the football club match lately, while I was looking at Robocon. I look forward to watching Robocon every year but often miss it actually, so I've never watched the whole show from the beginning to the end yet.

Those boys (sometimes girls are also joining, though) who are in the interview are just too interesting, or rather should I say, too cute. I mean, their mood is. Every time the whole contest is quite tasty, including the project itself.

They are like, pure, I'd say (lol)

It's like, they make me realize something important that I shouldn't forget. (lol)

Hey why am I talking about Robocon.

Oh yeah, lyrics!

Lyrics ---- ! ! Lyrics haven't come to me yet ~ !

Come on! Come on! Lyrics, come to me!

This is like, you've got weakest signal for your ke-tai~.

Aww~all I can do is just to force myself to wait.