Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jeff Buckley

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Jeff Buckley.

He's my faaaaaaaaaaaaavortite artist!

He made a damn good album and died, so the number of works he left is not so many, but I believe he still has a lot of fans.

I was shown this CD jacket with his autograph when I was on a radio show of J-Wave, got pretty excited, went wild like crazy and then took a picture of it by my ke-tai.

Up until then, I always wondered "Why everyone loves to have things like autographs?" every time I was asked for my autograph. But having seen this Jeff Buckley's autograph I learned the value of autographs!

"Wow! So he did sign this autograph! And I'm looking at it right now! I'm holding it in my hand!" - this thought gave me some indescribable, electrifying excitement. I felt like I contacted Jeff Buckley just a lil bit. It's a quite "indirect" way of contact, though.

Maybe this could give you more reality than photos.

I really love "Grace," the only album he left, and having been listening to it hundreds of times. His two-CD live album "Live At Sin-e," that contains the live recordings he casually did in the places like cafe bars before he got popularity, is his another masterpiece.

I wonder which genre he belongs to - maybe it could be the common Rock/Pop or something like that I guess?

Or should I better call it "Beautiful Rock"? "Beautiful" might be a little too abstract expression.

"Painful Rock." I describe his music like that, if you ask me. Sounds good huh, Painful Rock.

By the way his face looks kinda like the combination of Hideaki Ito and Ethan Hawke . . . if you ask me. What do you think about this! I have a good feeling that I'm right on target about this . . . !

I'll be so happy if you could get what I mean! (lol) What do you think?