Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Inside story

I got a lot of questions asking me "What were you talking about with MatsuJun right before the commercials?" - well, actually, at that time we didn't talk to each other a all . . . yes, we were just, gazing at each other in silence.

Let me explain!

In the run-through(kinda realistic rehearsal) that all the performers did together, The Cro-Magnons' performance of picking their nose at the camera at the end of the show made all of us laugh out loud.

Matsumoto-kun said "That's cool~" so I suggested him "Why don't you do the same thing in the actual show, Matsumoto-kun."

Then he said to me "If you did, I would do either" so I said "No no, after you" "No, you go first" "No you first" - it went something like that, and we were talking like that even on the air.

Then Matsumoto-kun told me "Hey look! You can do it now!" when the camera came close to me after the commercials, and I was embarrassed like "Ehhh?! Now?! No I can't, maybe people watching this would have no idea about it either!" Then he started gaaaaazing at me, to put a pressure on me in silence.

With those cool, manga-character-like eyebrows and eyes!

I was stunned like a frog aimed by a snake, shrank back like "Aw . . . Awwww . . . . "('cause he has so acute sight)

My heart pounded, and a various kinds of thoughts came and went through my mind, such as "Should I pick my nose here or not at the camera?" "If I did pick, I may lose a lot of things while I may gain few" "Or maybe I should go for it to beat Matsumoto Jun" "Come to think of it, his face really looks manga-ish!"

The commercials started in the meantime.

Matsumoto-ku told me who was totally worn out, "I just thought it would be easier for you to go for it if I had a surprised expression in the face"

Ah, I see, got it, so if you made a surprised expression, maybe I could pick my nose at the camera quite naturally - NO WAY !

("That will never happen!" by Makino Tsukushi @ Hana-Dan 2)

Such a drama happened. Within those few seconds.

And you know what, in the ending talk part. Matsumoto Jun, he did it. He picked his nose saying "The Cro-Magnons was so cool, especially this thing!" Oh my God! He' belongs to Johnny's and yet did it! So cool!

He's got me there . . .

I also got a lot of questions asking me "Did you make it to go home earlier than others?" as I said in the talk part "I like to go home earlier than any other people!" but on that day of all days I forgot to write the After M-Ste panel which I always wrap up before the show, so I rushed to write it after the show, and have some chit-chat with some other performers who came to see me - I went home not so early after all, which made me come in 4th, seemingly.

Well that happens.

And as for Beautiful World!

In the rehearsal I sang it in a cool manner which is close to CD version, but it came to the conclusion that it would be better to sing in a "enthusiastic" manner like I do in my concert since all other artist people did quite enthusiastic, exciting performance. I went into the show thinking "Alright I'll do it like my live concert," and actually I did the performance in a more enthusiastic manner than my usual TV appearances, with all my soul, which made me so feel good!

Good that I was able to sing at full throttle(^-^)

Well that's about it I think?

Oh, and one more thing, I admit my hairstyle looked kinda like . . . Ayanami . . . (lol)