Friday, July 13, 2007

Red corrections added

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Oh! A person who's a teacher of Shuuji sent me a link to my writing with the corrections~! (lol)


Congrats! To my being corrected for the first time! (lol)

All these proper corrections kinda amuse me, all the more because I wrote this letter just as I liked in my own way with no intention of writing correctly, as I had zero experience of Shuuzi.

I'm so happy, as I've always wanted to learn Shuuji. Ishii-san! Thank you very much!

By the way, here is Sir Isii's comment: "This letter looks energetic, similar to Yan Zhenqing's typeface." (Sir! Please tell me if you'd like me to delete this image!)

My Japanese writings look really collapsed and messy and people often tell me I'm like a small child, but I can concentrate just like drawing a picture when using a brush-pen, so maybe that's why I can write better than the usual.

By the way, I've got tons of emails asking me "On the back of what did you write it?"

They say they can only read "Genki?(How's it going?)" but other mysterious characters are transparent, looking like ancient scripts, which make them wonder.

That's a note which was in the business documents delivered by my dad. I always grab the papers around and draw doodles on the back of them. The other day I drew Kuma Chang on the back of a schedule . . .

I just like something that can be seen transparent from the back side. It gives a taste of noise to things, which prevents space from being lonely.

By the way, I always keep TV or DVD on at the very lowest volume every time I make music putting on headphones at home. It's because, you can keep your concentration as you can still hear some noise-like things when you stop playing music.

Did you just thought "Isn't it the other way around?"

I find myself at a loss when I concentrate on sounds and then suddenly all the sounds go on mute, sometimes even feel quite exhausted rapidly. (lol)

I have this feeling that I can continue my work for longer periods of time keeping the state of insensibility (the state that you are highly concentrated, just like being in a trance) if I can hear noise-like sounds consistently.

Well, maybe it's just my imagination, though*