Saturday, July 14, 2007

Miyake Akira

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I wrote a letter reflecting the image of Mr. 三宅アキラ(Miyake, Akira: wrote it in a Eva-ish way).

(I find myself writing more neatly with a brush pen than with a pen~. It's fun to write~. In terms of Shuuji it's far from accuracy. Corrections are always welcome! (lol))

Anyone in this world would never be more impatient than Miyake-san - I may be going too far, but He's such a real impatient guy of all time.

He walks fast makes footsteps like tap tap tap tap! So I can easily tell "Oh, Miyake-san is coming."

When I find a pencil with a lot of bites placed on the table of the studio, I can tell "Oh, Miyake-san used it."

When I find lots of candy wrappers littered all over the table, I can tell "Oh, Miyake-san was here." (I throw the wrappers away too)

Sometimes, or often maybe, I have no idea what he says.

In such cases, it is always Okita-san the director who is the only person understanding what he said. Awesome. The long-term boss-subordinate relationship has made it possible!

His favorite phrases are "Did you finish it? Did you finish it?" and "Alright, I'm gone for a while" I believe.

What he says to me most often is "Once again," and "Okay, let's do the second one" "Third one" "Fourth one" I think(lol)

Loves gossips; super-naturally-goofy; lovable; kind and AB-blood type.

(NOTE by Nuuk)
the letter "急" means states like "rush" "in a hurry" " urgent" "quickly" and such.