Sunday, July 01, 2007

On Sunday in Akihabara

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I found myself doing this when I visited Akiba a while ago.

Took a commemorative photo with the put-your-face-in Eva panel~!


. . . I remember I was quite hyper at that time, but now looking at this photo, I find I look kinda pale and blank. Am I all right? What's wrong? Having a stomachache or what?

I intended to give a !nice! smile there. Now I kinda realized why the photographer people always tell me "Show me your smile!" or "Don't look so sad" . . .


The new cinema version of Eva is scheduled for release this summer ! ! You know what, I did the opening theme for it ! !

I was really surprised when I received this offer. I asked the reason, and it seems like my enthusiastic talk in the Eva special issue by Weekly Playboy Magazine caught the eye of the film producer people. Any work is worth a try, isn't it*

I wavered for a moment because I thought it might arouse opposition from Eva avid fans if any songs other than "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" by Takahashi Yoko san were going to be used . . . But! But! I'll never have another chance like this!

I don't care even if Eva Ota people beat me up when I visited Akiba or Nakano Broadway! I'm just so happy to be involved in Eva-related things!

I have no regrets for my life! (T__T) *sheds tears*

So, as a Eva Ota, I tried my best to make a song that wouldn't conflict with Eva world-view much, but until I watch the opening scene of the wrapped-up movie . . . I can't tell what the results will be!

*pound* (-_-;) *pound* (-_-;)

This is why the physical release of Kiss & Cry took so much time, as we were planning to release it with Beautiful World! Sorry to have you kept waiting! This is gonna be a gorgeous single after a long time*