Monday, July 02, 2007

My autograph . . . ?

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I found this on the blog of m-flo's verbal-san, and it seems like this was taken in the dressing room of Zepp Fukuoka. Thanks for the fan mail information*

I rushed to check out verbal-san's blog. YO YO

Found this image in the section where those artists who did the live events there were shown.

Woo~! So this is it~! Hehe, I once again have to admit my writing is kinda crooked~.

Huh? But hey, have I ever been to Zepp in Fukuoka . . . ?

. . . ( ^_^)

Hmmmmmmmm ? ! ? !

Hey, look at this, it reads "U DA TA HI KA RU" ! ! !

The letter "TA" should come before "DA"!

Who the heck is that ! ! (lol)

Well, so, you know, the thing is that I wanna visit Zepp in Fukuoka someday.

. . . And, now that I look closer, UDATA-san's writing looks more uniform in vertical & horizontal widths and slope than mine, so I should say his/her writing is steady and stable.

More importantly, who the heck is Yuipyon.