Friday, July 27, 2007

Internal struggle

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

"Summer is here   Hikaru-chan"

'Indeed. It's so freakin' hot outside though the end of this year's rainy season is not yet announced.'

"Air conditioner rulez   So comfy   Hehehehe   Nuthin' could be better than this"

'Especially because your fur would be makin' you feel hot, Kuma Chang.'

"Why Hikaru-chan   turn off   air conditioner   Why don't you   keep it on   till the end of this summer   Let's make the room   chilly"

'I'm going to tell you some scientific thing which is hard to explain, but you know, if everyone used the air conditioner as long as they like, a lot of gas which makes the earth hot would be produced and those arctic shiro-kuma (polar bear) san would be in big trouble because the ice would be melted.'

"Eh Shiro-kuma san"

'Yes, it's getting to be more and more difficult for them to feed themselves or raise their kids, which is decreasing shiro-kuma san in number.'

"Hikaru-chan   Me dun ask u   to turn on air conditioner   any more   Me dun use it again   Never"

'You mean it?'

"But but   Me dun like heat   Me cant take it   Waaaah   What is me gonna do   Me never had   such a feeling before"

'That's what's called internal struggle. Well, why don't we just use it in moderation.'

"Yup   To do good thing is   to do difficult thing me think"