Thursday, July 26, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

The word search on the keyboard, which got me hooked alone in the middle of the night the other day.

It seems like a lot of people tried the same thing after that, so I got lords of emails telling me "I found this word!" (lol) It makes me smile in a strange way to imagine everyone playing that somber game.

Somberness rules!

Yay to somberness!

Somberness wooooot!


So, here I drew an illustration of "Ekaki Kuma (Kuma the painter)," which got the largest number of references in the emails!

Aside from this. The studio I frequent got a lot of young female staff. They handle any kind of work quite quickly and efficiently, like reception work, office duties, food preparation, clearing tables, just anything.

Most of the time I go to the studio in casual wear, like T-shirt and jeans. I'd say the female staff in the studio are dressed much more smartly than I.

The other day, I was looking in the magazine rack nearby when some other guests using the same studio were about to sit down to eat in the lobby, and a woman of them said to me "Excuse me."

"Huh? Oh, yes?" I replied back, embarrassed.

"Well, we'd like to have a meal in a group of 14, so can we ask you to prepare more tables, chairs or those kind of things just same as before, please?"

"Oh! well you know, I'm not a staff of this place . . . I'm afraid but . . . " The real staff people appeared when I was excusing myself for some reason, then handled the request like "Oh~! We're sorry~! Yes! Yes ma'am!"

. . . That's right, they completely had me confused with the studio staff. Hahaha, baby . . .

:slumps down: I have zero aura . . . hehehe . . .

My dad, who was watching what happened, laughed his head off.

It's okay, I don't care about it much, I love somberness . . . (T o T)

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"5TGHJ" . . . on Japanese JIS keyboard it reads "E KA KI KU MA"(in Japanese hiragana letters), which means "Kuma the painter."