Monday, July 30, 2007


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Seems like both the weather in Tokyo and the election went through turbulence today~.

I heard the rolling of thunder a lot all through the afternoon, which was creating some uneasy atmosphere like something's gonna happen, and now I just turned on the TV and found the LDP's rout & the Democrat's surge~. What a turbulence~.

"Hikaru-chan   Today thunder scared us   didn't it"

'Yes it did~. It's said, you gotta watch out not to let Kaminari-sama(God of Thunder) take your bellybutton when it thunders. Well, but you got no bellybuttons so . . . '

"Awww   Hikaru-chan   Me got   no bellybutton"

'Yup, Kuma Chang, you originally don't have . . . '

"Bellybutton   It's taken away   Me got   my bellybutton   taken by Kaminari-sama   My   My bellybutton"