Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time to look back to the year 2006, with a huge delay

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

In the year 2006, I learned various things as a human, a musician and a woman(I believe).

Various, indeed. Yes. (looks away)

The most impressive thing among all those things . . .

. . . was what I learned in the photoshoot site of the jacket for Flavor Of Life, held at Christmas.

Maybe those of you who own the CD would have already seen it, but have you checked out the real hitsuji-san in the jacket photo? That onigiri, that hitsuji-san . . . that jacket is full of "Why?". Matter of fact, I myself have no idea why onigiri is there, why hitsuji-san is there. Please ask Sano-san(the art director).

Whatever the reason, I was so happy to do the photoshoot with the real hitsuji-san! His Kuma-Chang-like cute bottom just killed me! How can I say . . . If you look at him from the rear, his bottom looks longer than his legs. (lol)

Between the photoshoots everyone clustered around hitsuji-san, observed him up close, touched his fluffy wool - the photoshoot site almost turned into the petting zoo. Since the hitsuji-san was a cranky type of sheep who always flashed an annoying expression when touched, I tried to touch and touch and touch him while he was preoccupied with the feed.
*pats pats pats pats pats pats pats pats* *pats pats pats pats*

When I was being impressed like "Wooow~! It's so fluffy~", the handler person said . . .

"I wash him with Acron~"

('o' )

EHHHHHH ! ! ! ! Are you serious ------ ! ! !

Acron, you mean that Acron, known for that jingle "You can get confident of washing wool with Acron*"!

Hē-! Hē-! Hē-! Hē-! Hē-! Hē-! (Tamori-san will give it a max Hē- too)

My excitement just spiked high ! ! ! I learned something uber exciting ! ! Hilarious! That's cool, amazing, So this talent hitsuji-san is washed by Acron! No wonder he turns out this fluffy! He's really fluffy, tender to the touch! Acron is amazing!

You can't learn anything from knowing it - it's the trivia of all trivia. I wonder why it made me so excited like that . . .

I fairly got excited. In the CD jacket photo I'm sitting on the floor with stunned-looking - is it because it was taken right after that excitement . . .? If you add a words balloon to that photo like a manga, it could go something like "So he's washed by Acron . . . "

Seriously, that concluded my whole year 2006.

I mean, isn't it just amazing? It's a see-the-light experience, isn't it???

I thought of talking about this story in the chat section of a song program, but the program production people gave me "No," which was a pity~. They said it's because they might receive claims from the animal protection organizations. Seems like it's tough working at TV stations~.

(NOTE by Nuuk)
the balloon in the photo reads "What do humans know of me".