Monday, May 07, 2007

*My updates go on even though GW holidays are over*

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Today I vacuumed the floor for the first time in a long while.

did you hear that?( 'o')ma'am('o' )oh no

Wh, wait a minute! It's not that I've been blowing off cleaning! Actually I love cleaning!

I clean up my home with Quickle Wiper and Colocolo almost everyday to avoid vacuuming as much as possible, you know. I spend every spare moment with Quickle Wiper. Actually I've got a little blister at the base of both ring fingers. I don't think you can beat it, ha ! ! ! (Maybe I've gone too far)

I almost never use a vacuum cleaner because I've always disliked it . . .

Its sound scares me(ToT)

ROARRRR--- ! ! WHIRRRR--- ! ! - those sounds scare me and that's why I'm not good at it. It sounds kinda angry to me . . .

The metallic sound of dentist's drill isn't a big deal to me and there are not so much sounds in my daily life that I'm not good at, but for some reason I never get used to a vacuum cleaner. I enjoy using Quickle Wiper and Colocolo as they don't make sounds.

Have you just said, that the hugeness of the vacuum cleaner is to blame?

Well indeed, I wonder why I'm using such a heavy one like this . . . I've been using this one without meaning anything 'cause It's been at my home for a long time . . . C, come to think of it . . . this strong-looking, mechanical design could suit Kiriya-kun's taste very much . . .

Oh boy(-_-;)

Now I get it! (lol)

No wonder I find it hard to use this one! (lol)

Look this one is really big and heavy. I know there exist handy type ones and rechargeable smaller ones too. Maybe I'll go see them at the electric appliance store~.

But no matter how quiet the one I find will be, I'll keep Quickle Wiper and Colocolo in the starting member and the vacuum cleaner will warm the bench-kun~.

Quickle Handy is also nice, but its touch somewhat reminds me of Kuma Chang's hands, and I don't use it very often because it makes me sad to watch it getting dirty used for cleaning . . .

I LOVE Kuma Chang.:*:.(*^-^)