Thursday, April 05, 2007


I'd say Japanese really love sakuras(cherry blossoms)~.

The image of sakuras may often come with various emotions, since you'd often come across and remember sakuras at each turning point of your life, like graduations, enrollments, initiations, and such.

I myself don't have a special feeling for sakuras that much . . . or rather not at all, probably because I grew up in the system that had graduations in June and enrollments in September. I strongly feel I'm missing some valuable things as a Japanese . . . ! ! ! (I've never done Hanami either, by the way)

So, the other day I went on a walk for the purpose of viewing sakuras, to take its beauty into my heart!

And you know what - Oh! There's a sakura tree here! There's another one over there! Hey I never thought I'd see a sakura tree in this place! Tokyo's got a lot of sakuras in bloom, which amazes me. So all these sakura trees are planted just for this one week out of one whole year! Amazing! Bravo!

I saw a lot of sakura trees, and filled up my heart with the beauty of them. Sakura petals fluttering in the wind are so beautiful. I wonder if there are any other flowers that drop lots of petals at one time like that?

On my way home from such a nice walk . . .

I saw Marc Panther san coming out from his home*

That's why the memory of sakuras in my heart has come with Marc Panther san in the sleeveless shirt.

I remember Marc Panther san was nicely tanned . . .