Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Knut is bloody cute

Once in my life, I hope I can do Mushaburui(trembling with excitement and courage) before I die ! !

That's what came up to my mind in Tokyo where the sakura trees have already bloomed.

You know, lately I'm so so into Michael Jackson~.

When I first heard "Dirty Diana" a long time ago, I felt the similar sort of excitement that I did when I heard the beginning part of Sting's "I Burn For You," and I went like OMG I didn't know you got this great song Michael! You're incredibly cool ! ! ! You're a superhuman! (- in a good way, of course . . . you know . . . )

So, driven by excitement I bought his greatest hits album. Recently I listened to it again after ages and found that I loved Michael Jackson in the early days (by the time around "Dirty Diana" release)~. I can learn so much from his music of course, but what thrills me most is . . . his singing . . . just can't believe . . .
o(- . - o) He's great, so great, too good singing and voice

If I name two greatest singers of all time, that would definitely be Misora Hibari and Michael Jackson . . .

My friends often ask me "How can I sing well?" when I go to karaoke or something like that with them . . . (I wanna know it myself) Put simply, the key point is how to start, stretch and finish singing each musical note, right? If I compare it to jumps of figure skating, it could correspond to takeoff, rotation and landing, I should say?

I say you've got infinite possibilities about that, I mean - even if you just sing "Ah~*," you've got lots of options just for how to start singing it: you could start on key, slightly descending downward from up to down, or ascending upward from deep bass sounds to lighter ones. You've also got options about what to do with your voice volume - turn up full blast, start sensuously by hitching your voice to your throat, or start at low volume.

After that, you choose whether to use vibrato or not; put a big wave to the volume or not. Whether to sing open and cheerful by increasing breathing quantity or sing with gloomy voice by limiting breathing quantity.

Lastly, you decide whether to fade your voice out or just break off; how long you stretch your voice; whether to add some sounds with your mouth and breath after the song is over, to show your characteristics. Blah blah blah! The list goes on and on and on!

Michael Jackson works out all those kind of things just perfectly . . . He always makes best choices, and he sings just too well.
(T o T) Oh~ Michael

By the way, you can clearly tell who plays well and who doesn't if you listen to guitars and basses this way.

Those people who've got nice grooves and rhythms, should especially be good at finishing the song. They can stretch their voice where it should be stretched; they can make a clean cut where a clean cut should be done! It's where everyone thinks "Ah, so you finish the song at that point!"
(Great R&B/Soul singers are crazily good at doing this!)

I'm not sure if this could be tips(?) to sing well, but your singing could sound a little better than now if you try to be conscious of how to finish each phrase at least - even if you think it's too hard to be conscious of each sound.

I myself gotta do my best too . . .

Sometimes I really feel like punching myself for my too messy singing (T o T)

"Beat It" kicks ass, seriously (T o T) *weeps buckets* *cries hic cries hic cries* The guitar sound almost knocks me out (*^o^*). o O What the heck is this . . . OMG . . .