Saturday, March 03, 2007

Done *M-Ste*

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Today I did M-Ste! (the date has already been changed, though)

I think it was like, I was able to talk with other costars most normally ever, which made me happy.
Also I was able to have more talk with Dou-san than usual, which made me so excited.
(-o-) Heheh

And I had this big accident for the first time~! It was an in-ear monitors' problem and I couldn't sing the first line as I couldn't hear the count at the head of the song! I got tensed for a moment, but my performance seemed to be unexpectedly well received, probably because the crisis situation got the better singing out of me. Whew, but then again I must never, ever let that happen again~! (to M-Ste staff people, I'm so sorry~!)

By the way. I was browsing some articles on Flavor Of Life on the internet a little while ago . . .

" . . Utada Hikaru, who is showing us her talents of not only music, but also radio, literature and KAKUKAI."

Oh my~, not that great~, you're overpraising me~, Hehehehe . . .

. . .eh, Hmmmm???!! Hey, hey, wait a minute!

"KAKUKAI(角界)" . . . ?!

. . . That means "sumo world"!

('o' ) Hmghahh----

Just when did I perform Dohyo-iri~! (lol)

I believe it was a mistake of kanji conversion for "KAKUKAI(各界=various fields)," believe* the more I wish to believe*, the more it hurts for some reason~*

Since this find made me laugh so much, I thought it would be nice to share it with you and decided to wrote about it here! (Sorry for the writer person! I don't mean to trip you up . . . but it was just too funny!!)

So, good night*