Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sub: Re: Takagi Bu-

If you need the information taught previously by your friend by email.

You'd probably skim through your past saved emails to find that email, wouldn't you?

That's why I was browsing the subjects of the emails sent/received in the middle of last month, and I found some with very interesting subject.

That's "Sub: Re: Takagi Bu-"

Why the last part is "Bu(Kanji)-," not "Bu(Katakana)-"? Why in the first place there is this history of more than 10 emails sent/received with this subject, which is supposed to have something to do with Takagi Bu san?? What were the contents of them that made us so excited?

I was curious about the contents that I completely forgot myself, so I read the last two of these mysterious sent/received emails.

Email from my friend to me, and my reply to it:

Time: 5/12 00:21
From: ##***
Sub: Re: Takagi Bu-
Johnny Bu- Good

Time: 5/12 00:22
To: ##***
Sub: Re: Takagi Bu-


. . . What the heck is this(-o-)

And it just ends here . . .

For what am I paying my packet communication charge . . . ?

On top of that, I completely forgot what I was looking for ! Wahahahaha ! !

Th, this is mysterious ! I'm off to bed now ! (ToT)