Saturday, June 10, 2006

Funeral for unused Lyrics-chan

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I talked about this before in Keep Tryin' blog, but I always carry a notebook as the production note/diary/doodle book with me, and heaps of notebooks have piled up over the past 10 years, from when I started songwriting at age 12 or 13 up until today! I have no idea of the exact numbers unless I count them, but it would be around 25 or so I guess?

The old ones are stored together with some precious goods, but I still have the one I was using last year at hand. I happened to read it over again a little while ago, which deeply touched my heart. My own words from last year made me think a lot.

And you know ! I found something very familiar to me ! !

That's a part of lyrics unused in the song called Passion ! ! !

At first I didn't realize myself for a moment what it was and reread it several times thinking "Shizuka na tabibito? Huh? What's this?"

I remember I had a very hard time both writing lyrics and making music of Passion . . . The photo above, is the evidence of my struggle. Like this I went through trial and error over and over again.

Now here, let me show you that unused Lyrics-chan! They ended up changed to "Natsukashii iro ni~" and "Nido to aenu~." The melody was completely different as well at that time when I wrote this.

Shizuka na tabibito no utau uta niha

Mada kotoba ga nai

(the song sung by a quiet traveler has no words yet)

Hisoyaka na jounetsu ga itsumo

Zidai wo ugokasu

(a secret passion is the one that makes time move)

May you rest in peace(ToT)

*rings a knell*