Thursday, June 22, 2006

My addiction

I'm glad my appearance on Top Runner was received well~!

I was secretly worried about what if it was unfavorably received, as I've never talked that frankly on TV before. When I try to talk, show more of myself than usual, I'd have to be cautious because it's pretty hard to decide how much I should show of myself, but my talk paid off after all~!

I don't check the TV shows I'm on very often but I may ask and get a copy of this one from the staff to take a look.

Now. You know there are many kinds of addictions in this world, and here let me show you the one that I'm clearly aware of*

That's "makura(pillow) addiction."

Do you guys like pillows? I bet you do, right?! I am a pillow lover myself, who answered "Pillow-san!!" in the past when I was asked what I would bring if I woke up at midnight and found my house was on fire!

I even hold the pillow all day long sometimes when I'm mentally stressed out. If I let go of the pillow for a while to do something, I immediately start to feel something creepy around my mouth being like "Aww . . . I can't take it! I give up!" and bury my face into the pillow again.

I always feel heavenly comfort when I feel the pillow to my face. Especially to my lips and around my mouth! For me "Pillows" are something that embody "Mercy."

But at the same time, when I feel the pillow to my face, a violent emotion sweeps all over me and I clamp my teeth together, then clutch the pillow with all the might in my body. Shaking like an angry cat crying "FFFT! FFFT! FfnguahhH!" I get really excited. Only for a moment, though.

Do you guys get it? Do you know what that is?

"Oh, yeah yeah! Same here!" - if you're one of them please email me! Come on!!!