Thursday, June 22, 2006


Um, would you remember, that I had talked so happily about the joy of having got Tetris DS last month . . .

Actually I haven't played it yet till now, as I've been running around with my head cut off because of TV or rehearsals or stuff like that and hardly felt like concentrating on the game alone.

('o') D, Do you really love Tetris~~~~~~~

That doesn't surprise me. How rude could I ever be.

Today I'm off, so I'm just being lazy*
I thought "Oh, Tetris! Let's do it!" just now, and I finally played Tetris DS!! for the first time!!

As I thought I wouldn't get used to playing with this new model for a short while, I started the standard, marathon mode one from the level 3*

*pip pip* *flash* *bump* *tralalala* *flash*

Hm-hum . . . the key touch is light, I can control the pieces fairly well . . . Huh?? So I can see the "NEXT" pieces this much?? That makes me figure out pieces that come far ahead . . . Oh, huh? What's this box named "HOLD" on the left? Ah! Aha! So I can do such a thing?? Is that really fair?? Is that really okay to do? Wooow, I'm in my groove now, things are startin' to heat up here! When the level gets higher and higher, the piece dropped affects the next one a little bit . . . Alright!!! Go for Tetris at this speed! Here goes! Go for it!! Take that!!!


( 'o') Huh? The screen is stopped?


Oh, eh?

( / 'o')/ EEEK! H, Here comes the credits---!

. . . So my play on the standard/marathon mode was over that way, all of a sudden. Seems like I completed the max number of lines to erase.

I checked the menu screen in detail and just found the function to set the mode to Endless! I didn't notice it last time! *squeaks* How frustrating-!

I scored 384916 on the game I just completed, so maybe I could score 400000 at least if I tried more on Endless Mode! Alright let's give it a try!

That's all of my brand-new report on my first-time Tetris DS experience*