Wednesday, May 17, 2006

After the battle . . .

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

. . . I managed to get them separated ! ! !

I found they were firmly tightened in the back by a wire-like thing. Hehe.

And I had a big trouble to take it off . . . it wouldn't get pulled out and after I cut my hands and fought a bloody tough battle and stuff . . . it popped out! (the box looks tattered)

Phew. My life is full of fights. (:weep:)

Some people who looked at those yesterday's images told me "Hikki you seems to be an impatient type of person, from what I've seen of this messed-up box and your recent miniSD card incident."

Hey wait wait TANMA! (Come to think of it, I haven't seen anyone who uses this word lately . . . is it a dead word already?)
There are some astronomically-impatient people around me, but I am an unbelievably "un-impatient" type of person. UN-impatient I mean. Do you get it? Then let's call it "non-impatient"!

I don't mind at all to stand in a queue, I can wait for people no matter how long it takes(I myself is always late, actually), and I've never crunched up a candy . . .

That said, I have a feeling that something might be wrong with me after I see the images of this box in a miserable state . . .

It looks almost like a double of dead grazing animal eaten away by a herd of hyenas, double, daburu, *Daburu~Ei~izou*Aki no D

You dork(((((;-_-)=)) -o-).:'.
You just shattered the image of SAKURA Drops!

Hmm. Suffice it to say,

I'm a . . . hasty person . . . I guess. (-_-;)

Well please just take it like that. I leave it to you.

Next time I'll take up "destruction" as a theme*
Don't miss it(^_-)-*:twinkles:

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"TANMA" ... means "just a minute." generally considered as a dead word in Japan.