Wednesday, April 19, 2006

There and here

I just saw the boundary between rivers and ocean on TV. I liked it!

When I draw a picture, I always start with drawing border lines.

It is a very natural feeling for humans to express boundaries by drawing lines on the place that they do not actually exist, you know. The more real you draw them, the more picturesque or photographic they look. If they go beyond those levels and become such pictures that boundaries are like melted and mixed together, then they may look surreal beyond real. Like Dali's, Munch's and such.

I say "boundary" is a very artificial conception. It is almost like a synopsis of a novel. Which is supposed to be an outline to make things easy to understand, but also may cause confusion instead if you forget that it is artificial.

Kaiko Takeshi's "Into a Black Sun," which I started to read lately, makes me think a lot about "boundaries"! Borders, friends/foes, life and death, darkness and light.

I've always been vaguely aware of the boundary between myself and the outside world, and just can't perceive "myself" clearly. I'm being my natural self in a positive meaning, and in need to be more self-aware in a negative manner. (-_-;)

I've been feeling very very odd about my being alive since I was a child, and I still can't get used to it! It's something like the man who runs onto the train, then finds himself saying "Huh?" in a women-only car. Is it just me or haven't you ever had that sort of odd feeling? I always! feel it in my daily life. I somehow feel like a ghost with no sense of direction who got back to this world. I sorta feel comfortable when walking through a graveyard or places like that.
How about you? (' - ' )

I love those moments when you feel the pillow to your face right before you go asleep, and when you wriggle in the bed for a couple of minutes after you wake up! That's sweet, huh.

I always have dreams and don't have the feeling of resting while I actually sleep.

Loving "A," might mean loving the front, rear, left and right sides of "A," and boundary between "A" and "things other than A" for me*

"Boundary" is very important, after all. For me, I mean. Important as a linkage of "being in contact," not as a role of "dividing" I should say. The reason why you feel something special at dawn and in the evening could be because it reminds you that you're connected to everyone else - that's what I think about everyday.

Being subtle is a good thing.

My dear pillow . . . (^-^ ) :snuggles: