Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Shabby is a luxury

Lately I've been living mainly in three cities: Tokyo, NY, and LA. (Can the word "mainly" applied to numbers like three? Those are fairly covering the earth!)

We had a slightly distorted-looking full moon in LA last night; it was the most obvious face-like moon I've ever seen!! I thought "oh I gotta show this to all-!" and tried to take pictures of it by my digital camera, but it came out as just a white circle no matter how many times I took the shot. Oh my God. You know, my husband is also a photographer but all the cameras I find at home are average digital ones and throwaway ones only. This is just *normal* for us.

Come to think of it, I remember Mr. Daido Moriyama did the shooting in one hand by his tiny camera. Come to come to think of it of it, I myself have used those equipments only the size of hand luggage taken on board most of the time . . .

Oh yeah, yeah! Now to take up where we left off! The red toy piano I'm playing in the blog photo. I was doing the recording in Tokyo at that time. And there was this part where I definitely wanted to add the sound of broken toy piano to, so all the staff and I went to the toy section of the department store nearby.

The store had various kinds of pianos and by trying them out . . . I found that the one that had been on display, battered and missing a few sounds, had the greatest flavor. It's like "This is the sound I've been looking for!".

We asked "Can we have this one." and the clerk women in the section got a little panicked. Though we didn't ask them for things like a discount, they had a petit meeting about if it would be ok to sell that shabby thing. They replied "Would it really be okay with you . . . ?" and the deal was done~* uh-oh, they started wiping the piano at the register! We said "Oh, well! We'll take it as is! We'd like it as is!" then paid for it and it's done.

We found that shopping very satisfying and the recording went pretty well thanks to the piano. I wonder what happened to that piano after that. I think Kanzou Sensei (Mr. Liver, the director) said he would take it home for his kid . . .

Well the point is that it's not always good to stick with high quality equipments! That's what we learned this time! ( . . . is that, really? Well but I feel like it's not good to give that shabby piano to kids) I think it's not that you cannot be a professional photographer without money to purchase the equipments. Making a cappella demo tapes or using instant CD burner machines in game arcades would be nice, if you'd like to be a singer.

Aww anyway I really wanted to show you that face-like moon~ (/x_x)/