Sunday, September 11, 2005

Not Seven*Eleven...but...

(I'm not feeling good at all)
. . . Sorry for the silly start! But there should be a lot of people in America whose birthdays are this day and a lot of babies should've been born today as well; I hope many wonderful things will happen on September 11th for the future, not just those disastrous events.

Today is an eventful day!

It's the election day in Japan, the 4th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in America. I wonder if Earth might deviate from the orbit because of many people's thoughts! No that won't happen.

There is more! It seems September 11th is Nihyaku-Hatsuka(Two Hundred Twenty) Day-! It's the two hundred twentieth day from the first day of spring, and known as the off day that the typhoon causes damage in places.

. . . Wonder why such a day is the election day . . . I might lose my drive to go to vote if the typhoon comes (- - ; )

So it's been four years since that day of New York. I wonder if America has changed.

You remember the other day there were a string of terrorist incidents in subways and buses in London? I was supposed to go to London in a few days when the first explosion was reported. On business I mean. I had an emergency meeting with my staff! Like "What should we do? Should we cancel it? Or change the place?" I said "Let's proceed with the plan without changing the schedule to go, seeing how it's going," and we did go after all!

The second terrorist explosion fuss happened when I was there.
Still I wasn't afraid to go . . . because my friend living in London has to commute on the subway everyday, knowing it may be dangerous. I don't have that fear as I don't take public transportation, but I know the people who have to ride the subway, have to live normally. I can never say such things like "It's like, the city you're in is sorta dangerous so I decided not to go" to my friend!

Also I think that New York, Tokyo or any other place could be targeted anytime. I don't know where the safe place is! We may have to move way way out in the country then. We can't stay away from natural disasters though.

I was a bit worried about going to school by train when the subway sarin gas incident occurred, but looking back now I'm not sure if we have learned something from that incident. We haven't, have we?? We don't have measures, have we?? That sort of worry is much more real and scary to me!

Now to change the subject completely: I posted a message on Be My Last blog-!
That's my very first appearance on the blog thing~v
The picture is the super-fresh one my father took in the studio just a couple of hours before uploading~ (giggles) There's an episode of a sort about that toy piano.
To be continued to *the next issue*