Wednesday, April 21, 2004

You right there! Nice idea!

Thank you for your idea on the Chaku-Goe (Voice Ringtones)!

I recorded my voices today. I selected some "that's it!!" ideas carefully out of various great works from you, guffawing with laughter with the staff . . . wonder how many ideas I selected and recorded after all . . I did this and that, quite a lot.

Actually I was supposed to record the Chaku-Goe on the same day I recorded my comments for the radio last week; however time ran out while I was groaning "Hmmm" having noticed I had no idea at all, so I had to go on to the next work and couldn't do it that day! And that resulted in our collecting ideas on the site. That was so helpful. Thank you really. Your ideas made me laugh a lot. Seems like the ideas from all over the country stimulated the staff and me to hit upon some new ideas (wonder if this project is just getting to be funny??) unexpectedly and I was able to record various versions. They'll be uploaded soon so stay tuned!

I'm to shoot the PV for "Dareka no negai ga kanau koro" tomorrow . . . from so early in the morning. What is the best way to fall asleep quickly . . . is it like, doing some exercises to get myself tired enough!? (lol) I can keep myself up from morning till past midnight by drinking coffee or dancing when shooting the PV for hyper sort of songs, but when it comes to the ballad-type of song I get sleepy gradually just by hearing it in the shooting studio . . . wonder what it is like with the shooting staff . . .

Well I'll do my best so as not to make a video with my sleepy face in it!!! There's a slight, happy surprise this time! Heheh. I might even enjoy the shooting more than usual! You can expect it to come along soon! Bye-bye-kiin.

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Bye-bye-kiin" ... Baikin-man (Anpan-man's arch enemy) says "Bye-bye" this way.