Saturday, December 20, 2003

What's goin' on in here!

How come the NEWS section here has been updated like this in a row, I wonder if I'm dreaming! (lol)

For the last couple of days I hadn't been able to grasp the timing to do the Internet thing, and I was surprised myself to see this flood of announcements when I checked this site after a long time! I was taken aback for a moment . . . then I consider it calmly and was relieved to notice that the magazines thing and postscript for "Project X" were just waiting for coming public releases and I'd already finished those works. Come on Hikaru, don't get confused by the information you yourself provided!

Over the past two months I've worked on various things, like flying to Mure Town in Shikoku region for the article of Casa BRUTUS and having a talk session with Sakurai Kazutoshi san. I was very lucky that I could participate in the wonderful works like these, when I thought it was about time for a change in the midst of the long-lasting album production. It was more like a spiritual support and stimulation than work. Mure, I'd like to visit there again . . . I saw so many white things there! Cars, stones, many kinds of thing looked white. At first I wondered why there were so many white things which looked so remarkable, and by the time I left there I saw the reason why . . . It's because the air was amazingly clean! Cities like Tokyo and NY are no match for there. "The whiteness" was truly outstanding! (Do I sound like a detergent Ad?!) If only I could once sing in the open-air, where the air is that clean. Oh, I missed a chance to chow Udon noodles there. Oops, my wording was a little vulgar. Pardon me.

This is not only applicable to the album thing: I think to complete a long-term project is something like "this is not a race but I'll promise someone to swim 1,500 meters and carry it out!" Pacing is still important though you don't go into a time trial thing, cause without it you may be dog-tired or meet with troubles, or just become lazy even if you swim very very slowly, right? Working on my 5th album (including Cubic U one) now I'm getting to know what pace I cannot maintain myself rather than what pace I can, and I find it very good. That is, you've got to ride big waves to catch the big game, man! Heh.

Andwhat'sgreataboutthisisthatIcanmanageit! (... If a book like "Japanese words that don't sound Japanese" were to be published I'd definitely like to get these words on it(lol)) I guess the reason why I can manage it is because I can see something over it. It's something like, if I swim 1,500 meters then I'll tell it to that person; I'll eat my fill of delicious rice; or I'll take part in the swimming competition next month! - for me right now, "Hikaru no 5" and making my next piece of work are exactly something like that.

That will be one's last, unknown motive power I suppose. Hm, is that what's called "to live"?!

Usually I add one more twist before finishing the message, but argh, I'm starving! I'm gonna go get something to eat! That's all.

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"postscript for 'Project X'" ... she wrote the postscript for the volume 2 of "Project X Challengers - Backstage to Resurrection," the book version of the famous Japanese TV documentary series "Project X."
"Casa BRUTUS" ... a Japanese magazine: she went Mure Town to visit the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum Japan for this magazine's interview article.
"Sakurai Kazutoshi san" ... vocalist/guitarist of "Mr. Children," a Japanese band.