Sunday, October 19, 2003

Hikki, having the posting-phobia??

I took this title from one of your mails! Japanese punning is a great cultural tradition. - Uh oh, this sounds like I've been refusing to post here indeed! No no, I haven't.

I am a bit overwhelmed by a pile of all your reactions on my last message in spite of my long absence here. Only here I can have "The MLB Pitcher-ranked playing catch with lightning-speed" type communications, exclusively! Yes you're right, it would be better to write messages just in the mood to let off steam and stimulate my brain, rather than thinking too hard about the contents, being too selective in the choice of words and too conscious of my responsibility. It's hard to speak at the place like here where public and private are mixed up, but, it trains my consideration and imagination all the harder as I can't tell who's gonna come to read, and more than anything else I love to write Japanese.

I found many questions like "Girl what have you been up to, by the way?". Lately I've been concentrating on making my American album, trying to set the image in my head while recording, and I've been away from here for a while, cause it would make me complicated remembering myself who's been working in Japan if I drop in here. The image has been pretty set now and I've reached the point where I can expect the pace of the work and its completion! Just one more effort to finish-! Kiriya-kun has begun writing Director's Diary at his movie's homepage too, and I shouldn't keep playing truant cause I'm his senior in this, you know! So now I'm back here - !!!

Agh . . .
Long time no see and then I stepped on the gas too hard (- - ;)

Yes! Yankees won! All the boys in the stadium were so excited, especially my Dad! He was all frolicking and cute. (. . . it may be hard for you to imagine Zanecchi like that though(lol)) But seems like I'm a type of person who cannot understand the feeling of rooting for a team. I do empathy with each individual player though. You might have already detected it by that "MLB Pitcher-ranked playing catch with lightning-speed communication" thing, and actually I don't know about MLB very well, so much as the players' name. Probably I know better about Japanese professional baseball! Though I watch baseball games on TV when I'm in Japan, I seldom have a chance to watch them when in America as they are aired on sports stations only, except when I watch a real game with others in the stadium or something.

The grandma of a Studio Assistant Engineer passed away the day before and that day he was downhearted, but he seemed like he recovered his spirits a bit while rooting with others. I thought sports and music are just great.

We, who are doing this as a job, are doing this for ourselves I think. But there are the people who are always watching us kindly. Family, close friends, a sweetheart, enthusiastic fans, people watching TV zapping somehow, people watching yelling "Lose the game! Miss it miss it!" in their mind. The people's eyes which I sometimes recognize with a thud are urging me on in various meanings I guess, though I can't live my own life if I worry about them all the time. To shake the people's eyes off my mind like "Who cares!" - wonder if it is a "mature" behavior sometimes, or just childish . . .
Don't you guys sometimes run across the situation like this, in the office or between your friends?

The heaviest thud eyes might be my own eyes gazing at myself.

Long message came out of the clear blue sky! So that's all, for today. *click*

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"Japanese punning" ... in Japanese "posting" and "going to school" have same pronunciation, "Toukou" and usually "Toukou-kyohi" means "school phobia."
"Zanecchi" ... nickname of hikki's father, Mr. Teruzane Utada.