Saturday, October 18, 2003


It's been this long since I last updated here! FACE MARK

Errrrr I'm so sorry for you guys! Is there still anybody checking here? First of all I'd like to say to you, who's reading this over the monitor screen! - Thank you.

I would have already ended up fired by Toshiba(EMI) if my job had been something like "Message Poster." Fortunately, I'm a singer. (lol)

To escape from the pattern of thinking so seriously of where to start off and ending up writing nothing, I just need to write something anyway!! So here we go,

*click* I clicked the "Submit" button, and . . .

Whoops it scared me - I clicked the button without inputting the delete key and then I was redirected to "Input Error" page - I thought all I just wrote was gone!

Oh yes. This message doesn't have meaning important enough to be missed if gone, in the first place. (lol)

Please expect more to come after this - !!