Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Some stuffs I feel abashed to tell

You know,
Once I decided not to write here anymore for today since I wondered if it's okay to write too much at a stretch, but . . . why on earth have I got so much things to tell today !

First of all, see, I feel like writing "I'm sorrrrry" message again every time I read your emails one by one pointing me out that wrong Kanji for "Mr. Nakai"

That is . . . about 1,200 times.

Phew *sob* it's too much to write -- face mark pick pick

(Ahhhh once I thought of not using this nose-picking face mark anymore ! (lol) I love it too much)

Please tell it to me anytime if you'd find any mistakes in my messagestar

And you know, I'm so glad I received much more responses to Tres Bien Bohemian Special (=Hikki's radio program on 13/Jan) than expected ! - but ! I was abashed when I found an article saying like " . . . she revealed her B/W/H measurements for the first time . . ." I really was. Yeah.

'Cause, you know, this time I just aired the part I secretly revealed it at the very end of the last round of my radio program I'd been doing regularly when I was about 17 ! so that is - those measurements were taken 3 years ago ----- !! (lol) Reading the article I was almost spitting yogurt out of my mouth since it was mentioning my measurements in detail with each value.

One more thing to write: but before that I wanna say thank you for the informations about Kanashibari ! ! ! (also about "Todo" (lol))
This time I really thought this site would have the greatest intelligence network in Japan ! ! (I could've easily written a paper on a subject like physics if I'd noticed this when I was in senior high, couldn't I ?)
Thank you very much for letting me know about the scientific mechanism of human body; why it's caused and how to dispel it !

And you see,

Your informations helped me immediately.
(not those about "Todo" (lol))

face mark Gosh, do you really mean it !?
Yes I do !
I had Kanashibari again this morning ----- ! !
*Sob* I cannot be a bride now !
Hey you are, already.
(Ahh I'm happy I could finally use this joke - forgive me even if this isn't funny at all !)

What I saw this time - it was so much more scary than last time that I cannot tell it to you . . . besides it happened right after I read your emails about having Kanashibari like:
"My grandpa got on me, seized me by the neck and . . ."
"My body sank into the bed like a mass lead . . ."
"Saw a ghost at the ceiling . . ."
So the imagination skills of the artist Utada Hikaru were on extremely full mode ! ! ! ! (lol)
I always welcome information but pleeeez don't scare me so much with your really-scary stories ~~ !

Say, I've uploaded my photos I promised you to do so before !
Please don't stare at them so intently - they're just some boring photos of a 19-years-old girl wearing kimono ! (lol)

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"I cannot be a bride now" ... this expression may be somewhat concerned with a Japanese notion of Kegare(physical pollution), I suppose.