Sunday, January 19, 2003


Err don't I sound so IKEIKE ?!
Please believe me, I'm really IKEIKE !

'Cause I didn't have kanashibari this morning*
Just getting up normally makes me feel great these days as I've had kanashibari for 3 consecutive nights since I had it for the first time !

. . . That's not so cool . . . (lol)

Anyway "I'll be IKEIKE in My 20's"(UH Live Streaming), it's coming tomorrow ! ! - actually it's today already. It's really coming closer - !

The rehearsal is going just fine - !
Today I've tested various things - like the system of chatting by 8,000 people; confirming the whole structure of the event including camera testing.
It's likely many people are worrying like "my PC might crash due to overload" or "the chat might go so fast", but seems like we can make it !
Our staffs are making great efforts to prepare for it !
'Cause we wanna make "I'll be IKEIKE in My 20's" successful as you do, or probably more than you do*
It's gonna be all right !
This event is full of things nobody has ever experienced and we - Utada Hikaru and her jolly fellows (=staffs) - are so excited about it . . . let's see together if we can make it ! !
(Isn't it what's called "curiosity" ? (lol))

Today's rehearsal with TV cameras in tow finished much earlier than expected probably because the sound rehearsals were going well up to now, so I said to them like "Ah we've finished it so quickly!" and then my dad replied to me right away like "Hey, you know, we've been working on so much stuff since 9 o'clock in the morning --". . .

Heeeey dad, you know, I get up at 7:00 in the morning (ooops I forgot to take out the garbage this morning ! ! darn) and then join the staffs after warming up for singing, uttering words and exercising vocal for 6 hours ---

This time I'm to appear on many TV programs, but I've been thinking if I can manage to hold an event I can directly communicate with you all who'd been waiting for me while I was absent, and that's why I myself proposed this event to the staffs; been looking forward to it and been all fired up about it !

Say, today is the birthday ! ! ! ! ! --- of mine ! ! ! ! !

Returning home I was too tired to stay up and a happy-birthday-email from my friend at 12:01am woke me up. (lol)

I guess I'll fully realize it immediately after I finished singing on the air ! !

So please check out my face at that moment.

Well it's time to go to bed now.
(You do ? (lol) Aren't you getting far from IKEIKE, hikki - !)

Hahaha ! Good night ---- ! face mark

(NOTE by Nuuk)
IKEIKE means something like "on full mode;" "cool;" "go! go!" etc.