Thursday, January 02, 2003

A happy new year ver2003

Hmm !

Seems like year 2003 has come quietly around me ??

Some of my friends are returning home, others working or nursing their family - so most of them are spending the New Year Days quietly.
For me also it's likely the New Year Days are coming and going gently ! !

Well, I guess I still have stronger impression like "the tough year is over now ! " rather than "the new year starts now !"
So many things have happened, really.

My life once became calm when I entered junior high, then it resumed drifting from around I debuted at 15 - every year I thought like "so many things have happened this year . . . I got tired . . . " but in 2002 I really had much, much more things . . .

I am sorry for having got you surprised so many times ! (bow)

But looking back the whole year I do think it was really good(this way of thinking, it's one of the greatness of human beings!). Probably I think so 'cause my mind is in a good condition now !

Well well, I wonder what's gonna happen this yearstar
Let's take part in this "My-Life-Cup 2003" !

I look forward your supports as well as before.

2003 January(iaaaaagghhh !! it's already 2nd when I finished writing!!) 2
Utada Hikaru