Thursday, December 26, 2002

Struck dumb by Oliver

I've just come here to my messages page and then been struck dumb at seeing that 'Hello, this is Assistant Oliver' !!

I thought like, 'Oliver ? Why are you still here ! Stop saying that "Hello" ! Where's my newest message, which I wrote yesterday morning ??'

That's it.
Did I forget to click on the 'Submit' button when finished, since yesterday morning I was writing the message doing other things at the same time ??
If so I'm really stupid . . .
'Cause it was Christmas morning, you see !
It's the day we say THAT to everybody else , to our family and friends, neighbors, someone passed by and the highway tollgate staff -

- Merry Christmas ! ! ! !

Sorry for one-day delay - but the Christmas tree is still here at my home !
3-seconds rule can be applied ! (. . . can't it ?)
Hope one-day delay would be within the limit acceptable . . . see, I'm so careless like this, but I really look forward to your supports and suggestions from now on as well ! ! !

- it's getting to be like New Year Greetings(lol).

Say, have you already tried downloading my present - voice-ringtones ? (I'm sorry for those who don't have a mobile phone)
I've already done.
Is it sort of strange, Utada Hikaru downloads her own voice-ringtones ? ?
But actually I feel too shy to use them(lol).
I'm so glad even if you'd just download them, 'cause many people may feel too shy to actually use them.
I'm happy if you just install those voice-ringtones in your mobile phone !
I'm sure the staffs (contributed to set up the service) would also be quite happy !
It doesn't matter if you don't use them.

I wasn't aware I'd been so into making them - recorded them taking much more time than when I record the comments for radio; Mr. Okita(director) made various versions, making the most of technologies and machines as well as we record the songs in the studio; we burned out to study things like the proper timing and interval; did meetings over and over again just for this voice-ringtones project even though everybody had been so busy ...

... and this voice-ringtone series have finally made ! ! ! !

That is, I mean, I'm so happy if you may use them(lol).

That's all for now !

From Hikaru (who prefers the New Year to Christmas)