Monday, December 09, 2002

The Reason why we had our first snowfall of the season earlier than usual ??

Today - no, it's already 'yesterday' - I attended my friend's wedding ceremony !

The date changed before we knew it - the enjoyable & happy party to promise eternity was finally over and on getting outside of the second party place . . .

. . . I got surprised at the cold which stuck to my cheek and bare legs first of all.


Someone said like 'hey, it's snowing!!' but I couldn't believe it at first, then I ran down stairs, got on the street and saw a lot of large snowflakes were falling !

The snow might have come to Tokyo earlier than usual to decorate the end of the celebration night - oh you snow, you did make it so COOLstar

Furthermore, I noticed today is 9th of December - it's the 4th anniversary of my debut !!
Anyway I felt like the snow congratulated us on various things !

Early this year, I received so many sad news.

I heard our closest staff's parent and my friend's family passed away and so on ... the news came without a break and made me think like 'Again. Why does it come one after another ?' every time I heard another sad news.

The end of the year has come and now both the people around me and I are firing so many happy news !

I think we have had this result because each of us got over one's own drama, reflecting on oneself and made a landing with all one's might, not because we were at the mercy of fate and accident.

Looking back on this one whole year which we made every effort man could do, I suppose this is what's called 'good year' !

Oh, I really love snow.

I wonder if it was snowing when I was born ... ??

I'll ask it to my parents.