Saturday, December 28, 2002


Now I'm getting the messages from the people led by my 'I'll read it right away' declaration !

And here I'm writing a message again imagining 'those who are waiting for my further response in front of computer screen'(lol).

'Do you really read this?' - all right, this is okay, but what's these 'Please tell a joke to prove you really read this !' and 'Please mimic Sheena Ringo san' . . . (how can I mimic her here !)

Oh I'm getting more while I'm writing this . . . many of them are like 'I just emailed you as you said you'll read it right away . . . nothing to say actually . . . '
Hmm, it's great I could get so much emails without contents as well as my previous message of Assistant Oliver(lol).

This is cool, anywaystar