Monday, April 30, 2001

"Woman who deserves close-up shots"

. . . is our Keiko's proud nickname, not to mention, and now her daughter is learning about how great mom has been!!

You know, lately my mom's greatest hits album has been released as a box set. The set came with an application postcard for mom's extra large poster, and I thought like I was dying to get the poster. Huh? Surprised? Well, Cause . . . you see . . . All right, to be honest, as I'm so huge fan of Keiko Fuji, that I even dig out her fan-sites and bookmark them secretly!! (Oh my, I finally told this to you! Aw, I bet you're thinking we're such a stupid family, aren't you? (lol)) But I'm too shy to ask mom for her poster . . . Well! Then there's no other way but to mail the application postcard quite ordinarily!! - eventually I made up my mind like this. See, I really like her. I mailed the postcard with the name/address borrowed from my friend as it won't be taken seriously if I use my real name, and seems like I drew a blank, so I thought like I had to give up the poster. But!!! At that time I talked a bit about this story when I was interviewed here and there, which eventually reached the record company's ears, and you know what! They exceptionally gave me the poster as I was her daughter!!! I just received it a couple of days ago. Rolling it out I found it was an extra-large poster, on which her upward-glancing close-up shot was printed. Probably you just imagined something lovely, right? I don't know why, but actually she casts me a VERY sharp glare! (lol) Yes, her glare is all powerful! Well, she does deserve close-ups. So fascinatingly beautiful. She has a great amount of aura, which just blows me away. I've got to follow her, cause half of my DNA springs from her!

Anyway I'm just so happy and boasting around with this. I'm very, very sorry for the other fans who posted the card, but . . . For me it's like, a portrait of close-yet-distant mom . . . it reminds me of lots of feelings. Now I'm gonna hang this on the wall of my home's entrance hall! It might make me scared a bit when walking through the entrance hall in the dark . . . especially when I wake up for the bathroom in the middle of the night. (lol) I guess she herself will be most surprised by this, so I'll report on mom's reaction later☆ Heh heh. Let's see what happens♪