Tuesday, January 23, 2001

The last pinch!

All the song recordings for the album should be wrapped up by the time I update here next time ! ! ! Huh, but I wrote here "Everything will be finished tomorrow" the other day, didn't I? Huh? Well, two days ago I'd beeeeeeeeeeeen writing lyrics in a jail cell like room in the studio keeping all the stuff guys waiting, then when I sang it myself I found myself not satisfied, so I trashed it. (Yes, once again . . . ) I've gotta wrap up the lyrics and melody within 7 hours or this ballad will not be in the album ! ! Awwwwwww Can I be this desperate, in a way of Inca Empire ~ hey, that's a gag printed on Karamucho pack! This is an awesome gag, come to think of it . . . Can I possibly use it as a hint of song writing . . . hey hey, Am I really that desperate, like on the edge of a cliff!? (lol) I'll say loads of dumbest things and act goofy enough to make everyone step back from me, after I wrap up this serious ballad! (as always??) Yeaaahhhhh!