Monday, February 03, 2014

Dear my fans and media people

I will be getting married sometime soon.

I was thinking of making this public after we finished wedding ceremony and such quietly, but changed my mind and decided to tell it to you at this time since I'm already getting inquiries and it seems like the word is getting out.

I wouldn't have guessed this myself and it gives me a little giggle, but as a matter of fact my partner is an Italian man.  He could hardly be a more "general person" and I sincerely hope that you would refrain from reporting under his own name which infringes on the right to privacy, for the safety of him and his family.

I thank you for your warm support.  I am sorry for making you worry often.  My partner is a good man who has a honest heart, loved by a lot of friends.  His family is a happy, cheerful big family, just like the one coming out of manga.  I'm not so young anymore and appreciate it very much if you would keep us in a calm state.

February 3rd, 2014
Utada Hikaru

Also … I was worrying about if I should postpone my wedding or not because I'm in mourning, but eventually decided to proceed believing my mother would be cheering for me, because she was delighted pretty much enough to make me think "It's been years since my mother's voice's sounded so cheerful like this " when I told her about him in the last conversations with her.