Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tokyo Girl Kuma Collection at my home

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I heard an event called Tokyo Girls Collection was held yesterday.

And you know, from a couple of days ago it seems my record company received this inquiry many times asking if I would take part in it, which eventually pushed the staff to contact me.

They asked me "Er, Hikaru-san, we are wondering if you would participate in Tokyo Girls Collection . . . . "

;`;:゙;`(;゚;ж;゚; )*gasps*

A, are you asking if I'd show up in Tokyo Girls Collection . . . . ?! That totally makes no sense (just which category I'd fit?)

OMG! I can't sit around, gotta run to ask Kyouhei-chan to prepare the costume . . . the costume, that can show a bit of my ass cheek, hmmm, and what I shouldn't forget is those ample curves, maybe I could wear a kuma-printed bikini, but I could give a huge impact on all if I wore Kuma Chang suit!

Scratch that!

I wonder from where such a strange rumor came.

Of course I didn't take part in Tokyo Girls Collection. I can't be called first of all . . . (lol)

Instead I held an off-the-cuff anything-goes type Girl & Kuma Collection. At my home of course! Like I model-walked in the kitchen in super-high heels, wearing Kuma ears!
Woohoo! Ahahh! You're a superstar! All right!

I did all these sort of things and went back to wash dishes after I got tired.

This is the red hottest item of the day! The super nice Happy Birthday sunglasses that I'd missed the timing to use and put deep down into a drawer~!
I'm pretty sure this one will get hot this autumn!
The most highly recommended item by our Kuma Chanel girl!

Sighs . . . .

Just where did I buy this . . .

You're wasting your money, practically>me

Well at least I used it today, so this is how it was supposed to be☆

That said . . . is it just me or do I look a bit surreal, or more like scary wearing a party item which is supposed to look just cute? . . . ha ha . . .