Friday, February 05, 2010


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Those people who perform Puppet Shows, how can we call them in Japanese? - I was thinking about such things, which made me wanna watch "Ghost in the Shell" like immediately!! Too bad I didn't bring the DVD with me . . . This time what I brought with me are a DVD of "Onihei" I've watched partway, and this super cool DVD box set called "Ano hito ni aitai" by NHK . . . what a Japanese selection, for my first US and London tour (lol)

I stayed in the huge museum I talked about as late as possible until the closing time, then went out on the street and this thing in the photo was parked right in front of my eyes.

It says "Puppet" at the back! So the owner is Jack-san who performs puppet shows! Too bad I couldn't watch the show! What a shame the timing was off!

It's fun to stop to enjoy watching people performing on the street, isn't it. It makes you realize you have time to spare, your life is not just for getting to your destination in a fidget.

I rarely see this kind of thing in Japan, come to think of it.

Dancers, musicians and such, many people were performing like everywhere every time I walked around on the streets of New York with my mom, and she used to stop to watch them for a long long time. I remember it was so chilly in winter.

Sometimes she watched them till the very end of the performance when the performers were playing musical instruments or singing, which eventually ended up inviting them home, I mean bring them back home . . .
Greatness of my mom(´ロ`)

So that's why I love to stop to watch people performing on the street! It reminds me of the time.

In Japan . . . oh yes, sometimes you see people selling their poems on the street, right? I myself don't like it that much. I mean, I haven't thoguht it nice so far when I stopped to take a look at it.