Friday, February 12, 2010


(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

I found this cute piano for kids in a piano shop in Lindon - - - ! ! !

I really felt I had to ask someone to take a photo!

Such a nice shot isn't it.

I was worrying if the tiny chair would collapse (lol) Good it was well-built (lol)

Oh yes, and here I would like to tell you something . . .

There's this my Japanese staff woman who was confused with my mom quite a few times during my tour in the US.

Perhaps it's because she was around my dad, but she's just turned 40 and looks very young for her age. (lol) She has short hair at the moment, which makes her look boyish . . . I really feel sorry for her. (lol)

At first I couldn't believe it because she just couldn't look like my mom but she started saying things like "Maybe it's because I look old?" as she was mixed up over and over again . . . I say probably Americans are overestimating the age-uncertainness of Asians a bit too much! Makes me really surprised . . .

On top of that she is pregnant at the moment ! ! (lol) Her belly is getting fairly large!

This just can't be possible (lol)

This episode makes me think that's how reports of sightings go around.

Today! I finished my very ☆ first show in Europe with no troubles, on a high note!

Tomorrow will be the last day of my tour this time -

I'm almost there~!

Good night!